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Your donations will help these dogs be given a real chance at happiness. Any help you are able to give is crucial.

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There are currently 132 dogs, 8 cats, 10 goats residing in the sanctuary. It costs about £45 a day just to pay the daily food bill. At first glance it might not seem much, but multiplied by 31 days and by 132 animals.

On top of this they have stuffing costs for the people that help ensure the animals are cared for, cleaned and fed, and water bills for parasites & tick and fleas to treat their going ailments, and utilities bills, general running and maintenance of the kennels medicine to treat their ongoing ailments, veterinary bills, and so on the ongoing financial commitment is huge.

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Dog's Mountain Sanctuary is a registered charity in the Philippines and is required to ensure that 100% of all funding received goes towards the rescue animals' needs as well as costs incurred in sustaining the sanctuary. Our goal is to run the sanctuary as efficiently as possible, so every penny raised helps us continue our charitable work.

Why do we need your support?

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Dog's Mountain is in need of reoccurring monthly donations to help us keep these beautiful creatures long term care to ensure we can provide the care they need. We make sure all the resources they need to prepare for with on-going day-to-day operation.

This will enable us to keep our promise to all of our dogs— they will have enough medical care, will never lack food, and will always have a comfy bed to rest their head, thanks to your donation. With your help, you'll not only help the ones we've rescued, but you'll also be helping us to carry on the legacy of John R. Hughes and rescue more animals in need. If everyone gave £5 it would be fantastic. It might not seem much, but that small amount donated each month can save the lives of our rescued animals, keeping them safe and secure in a loving environment.

Where does the money go when I donate?

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Your "gift" will help to transform the lives of many animals in need. Improving to their quality of life and welfare of each animals in our care, and helping Dogs Mountain that keep going our animal welfare work strong and continue to achieve our mission.

When you give donation to Dogs Mountain we ensure that all contributions made to Dogs Mountain goes towards to the animals' needs. These contributions help Dogs Mountain remain strong and vital daily operational by providing us to work at full capacity.

Food – this is usually what sanctuary needs the most provide going and good quality food for those that survive helps to keep them strong and healthy, and always had available food everyday never they get hungry.

Vets bills/Medical – vacinations, medicines, multivitamins. Preservatives Wormers, tick & fleas, in more serious cases, illness and injured animals may additional medical care of some kind. This means extra cost for helpful education, veterinary visits, and other medical treatment ailments that may need to be done.

Spaying and neutering

Enrichment – for treats, toys, collars, leashes, dog soap & shampoo, and other things dogs & cat needs, care supplies they make them happy.

Utilities bills – for powers, water, communications, cost of the sanctuary.

Wages – for the stay-in kennels cares who look after all the rescued animals in their daily needs.

Maintenance/Repair – general running costs upkeep of the sanctuary to ensure the sanctuary keeps the facilities clean, repair of kennels and other sanctuary ailments.

Transportation – provide us meet the basic daily needs of the sanctuary, fare, cost bring the animals to the veterinary clinic, fuel and vehicle repairwork that need to be done.

Dogs Mountain is not for profit organization, non-governmental, privately run charity organization that provides desperately needed sanctuary for dogs rescued from abuse, abandonment, neglect, and the cruel conditions of the Dog Meat Trade. Despite being illegal in the Philippines, this cruel trade continues to cause unimaginable and unnecessary suffering to thousands of helpless dogs each week in the Philippines and other Asian countries.