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Dogs Mountain (DM) is an non-governmental, non- profit organization that provides sanctuary for dogs rescued from abuse, abandonment, neglect, and the cruel conditions of the Dog Meat Trade in the Philippines. DM gives them a forever-caring home, showing them the love and kindness every animal deserves. We are an organization who aims welfare for animals. We are very devoted (at heart and soul) to protecting and improving the lives and welfare of animals to help them overcome ordeal. With a noble vision: by providing a safe shelter for these dogs where they can live a full, safe and secure, life in our sanctuary. Especially for those dogs that would not be able to survive on their own. We give them love, affection, and ensure they receive the Veterinary care they need, are happy and healthy and are protected and cared for.

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the legacy of john hughes

This project was inspired by a UK artist, John Hughes, founder of the Dogs Mountain Sanctuary —a world-renowned dogs sanctuary. John had devoted his life in protecting and improving the lives of dogs throughout Asia. In 2006, John created this sanctuary to support, and end the dog meat trade in this region. His noble vision: to help build a sanctuary that provides a safe shelter for these dogs where they can live safe and secure; having a better home and life in our sanctuary.

Since 2006 Dogs Mountain Sanctuary has cared for over 3,000 rescued from the dog meat trade, abandonment, and neglection. Sadly many of these dogs are no longer with us. However for the rest of their lives, whether limited, or for a long time, they were cared for, loved, and eventually found peace in the sanctuary.

Despite dog meat being illegal in the Philippines, this cruel trade continues to cause unimaginable and unnecessary suffering to thousands of helpless cats and dogs here and in other Asian countries. However we remain positive, that the Sanctuary will continue providing a safe and loving home to hundreds of animals for as long as needed --where they will be free to enjoy life.

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“If it has feelings, why hurt it, kill or eat it? Why not just care for it? Surely caring for a life is life’s natural therapy. Living cruelty-free is easy, great for your health and your soul.” - John Hughes

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Come and join us save lives!

Do you have a passion in animal welfare and want to make a difference in their lives? Do you work with animal rescue and provide animal care and veterinary care for animals in need? Then our Dogs Mountain volunteer program would be a wonderful experience for you! Join our community of volunteers to help bring hope and love to the animals that live at the sanctuary. Improving the lives of many animals that are in need, enabling them to live out their days in peace and comfort.

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